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Various poems by Jennifer


When you think of me
just what do you see
a picture of something
or is it a tree?

In your minds eye
there's a vague idea, thats true
of what to expect
then why be so blue

I am just a person
that much you know
Beauty is as they say,
" For the beholder to show"

I am what I am
that's all I can be
and if that's not enough
then just give it to me

But am I so real
to have and to hold
should I shrink back
not be so bold

A friend is a friend
that can be true
forever is long
time heals the blues

Am I but an illusion
something you wish were real
time will only tell
how you truly could feel.





I close my eyes

to dream of you

hoping to feel you

taking over my body


Your hand tenderly

touching sensually

my body thats yours

as you begin to dine


Never rushing

you take your time

savoring each moment

like its your last


In my dreams

nothing goes wrong

you always set

my feelings on fire


My hearts beating

along with heavy breathing

sending my nectar

for you to get drunk on